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7 Myths About Bathroom Renovations in Adelaide

07 June 2020

Bathroom remodelling is essential, yet one of the most mind-boggling works that are needed to be done frequently. If not done periodically, it can cost you thousands of bucks by disrupting your drainage or, by destroying your plumbing system for sure. However, many individuals often postpone the work due to a few myths and misconceptions related to bathroom renovations. So, let’s lift the veil from these false notions in this article.

Bathroom Ventilation is not Necessary

This is one of the most common misconceptions about bathroom remodelling, which often has severe consequences. A bathroom must be well ventilated with air vents as moisture provides the best breeding ground for many fatal microbes and mould growths. Similarly, having windows in the bathroom is not wholly effective in getting rid of all moisture. Hence, air vents are a necessity.

Placing Window behind Tub

While having windows behind a bathtub can give you a beautiful outer view while you are taking one of the long baths, it is not completely necessary. Similarly, if you are living in a crowded neighbourhood or building it might affect your privacy. Hence, you can install windows in other places as per your bathroom style.

It is always Expensive

Undoubtedly, bathroom remodelling can be expensive. But, if you plan correctly or choose the bathroom accessories with the help of a professional, you can easily cut down the budget. Similarly, installing products with more extended durability can help you reduce expenses during your next remodelling.


Bathroom remodeling is not worth it

If you don’t want to meet up with clogged drainage or water up to your knees, bathroom remodelling is necessary. Changing the position and cabinet or faucet types can also help improve your overall mood and boost confidence. Moreover, it will help you get a better sale profit if you choose to sell your house.

Remodeling is required for Big bathrooms only

Independent of size and style of bathroom, remodelling is an essential chore to maintain the house’s basic structure. With proper help from professionals, any bathroom can be made spacious and comfortable. Thus, this statement is a complete myth.

You must have a Tub and Shower

While having these is wholly based upon the user’s choice and size of the washroom, it is not at all mandatory to install both. If you want to install any one of them, no one will force you to choose the other one too, and neither is it embarrassing to have either one of them.

There is a limited choice to Remodeling of Bathroom

Now, this is a complete myth, as many bathroom renovations in Adelaide often encourage their customers to choose the type of bathroom accessories they want to install. You can scroll from a wide range of sanitary wares and consult with the professional for a better result.


It’s an ongoing process

People think the current design will get outsmarted in the next ten years. But do you find antics boring? Likewise, if the remodelling of your house is done right, it is going to add value to your home forever. All you need is a master plan with quality accessories that will stand the test of time.

So, if you are in search of the best bathroom renovations in Adelaide, Bathroom Renovators Warehouse would be your ideal bet. The company claims to have an extensive range of bathroom accessories available at very affordable prices. As they are one of the wholesale dealers in Australia, you will get quality bathroom accessories directly out from the factory at a very affordable price. What’s more? They also provide kitchen accessories for any modern house.

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